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Our latest review found 41 top employers actively hiring in Cupertino, with a grand total of 526 job openings.

Healthcare is #1 hiring category with 138 job openings from companies including Kaiser Permanente, Pathways, CRC Health Group Inc.

The #2 most active hiring category belongs to Retail with 101 job openings from employers including Walmart, Ross Stores, Home Depot, Foot Locker, AT&T.

Cupertino's #3 most active hiring category is Business & Consumer Services with 99 job opportunties from companies including Bank Of America, Seagate, Wells Fargo, Bank Of The West, Citi.

Software & Telecommunications comes in #4 with 89 job openings employers include Oracle, Sugarcrm, Collabera, Sprint By California Wireless Solutions.

And finally last but not least is Hospitality with 44 with jobs from companies like Marriott, Starbucks, Chipotle.

Cupertino Trending Companies

  1. Kaiser Permanente (Healthcare) added 31 jobs
  2. Wells Fargo (Business & Consumer Services) added 10 jobs
  3. Foothill-De Anza Community College District (Government & Non Profit) added 9 jobs
  4. Sugarcrm (Software & Telecommunications) added 9 jobs
  5. Bank Of America (Business & Consumer Services) added 7 jobs
  6. Foot Locker (Retail) added 7 jobs
  7. Bank Of The West (Business & Consumer Services) added 4 jobs
  8. Citi (Business & Consumer Services) added 3 jobs
  9. Security Industry Specialists (Business & Consumer Services) added 3 jobs
  10. JPMorgan Chase (Business & Consumer Services) added 3 jobs
  11. City of Cupertino (Government & Non Profit) added 3 jobs
  12. Chipotle (Hospitality) added 3 jobs
  13. RadioShack (Retail) added 3 jobs
  14. Starbucks (Hospitality) added 2 jobs
  15. Ross Stores (Retail) added 2 jobs
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