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Our latest review as of December 2016, found 90 top employers actively hiring in Cupertino, with a grand total of 1280 job openings. Below is a list of top employers who added the most jobs recently.

Trending CompaniesIndustryRecent Openings
Safeway HomepageRetail96
Adecco HomepageStaffing66
Sprouts Farmers Market HomepageRetail39
Amazon HomepageSoftware & Telecommunications33
Counter Burgers HomepageHospitality14
Hewlett-Packard HomepageSoftware & Telecommunications13
Pizza Hut HomepageHospitality9
AT&T HomepageRetail7
Curio HomepageSoftware & Telecommunications7
Wells Fargo HomepageBusiness & Consumer Services6

#1 Retail

is the top hiring industry in Cupertino with 314 openings.

Retail CompaniesOpenings
Safeway Homepage102
Walmart Homepage68
Sprouts Farmers Market Homepage44
AT&T Homepage32
Ross Stores Homepage18
Home Depot Homepage11
Robinson Oil Homepage6
Whole Foods Market Homepage6
Shane Co. Homepage5
Rite Aid Homepage5
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#2 Software

is second most hiring industry in Cupertino with 306 openings.

Software CompaniesOpenings
Amazon Homepage136
Symantec Corporation Homepage65
Oracle Homepage36
Hewlett-Packard Homepage32
Curio Homepage13
TEKsystems Homepage11
Exilant Technologies8
Spruceinfotech Homepage2

#3 Hospitality

is third most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 185 openings.

Hospitality CompaniesOpenings
Marriott Homepage37
Hilton Homepage24
Counter Burgers Homepage19
Taco Bell Homepage15
Bj's Homepage14
Pizza Hut Homepage14
Starbucks Homepage12
Azul Hospitality Homepage11
Outback Steakhouse Homepage10
Panera Bread Homepage10
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#4 Healthcare

is the forth most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 164 openings.

Healthcare CompaniesOpenings
Kaiser Permanente Homepage140
Pathways Homepage17
All's Well Homepage4
Crossover Health3

#5 Business

is fifth most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 101 openings.

Business CompaniesOpenings
Wells Fargo Homepage23
Momentum Chevrolet Homepage20
U.S. Bank Homepage18
Bank Of America Homepage14
JPMorgan Chase Homepage10
Security Industry Specialists9
Citi Homepage3
Bank Of The West Homepage2
PNC Homepage2

#6 Staffing

is sixth most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 71 openings.

Staffing CompaniesOpenings
Adecco Homepage71

#7 Government

is seventh most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 44 openings.

Government CompaniesOpenings
Ymca Of Silicon Valley Homepage35
Via Services Homepage6
City of Cupertino Homepage2
Edventure More Homepage1

#8 Manufacturing

is eighth most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 37 openings.

Manufacturing CompaniesOpenings
Seagate Homepage35
Panasonic Homepage2

#10 Construction

is tenth most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 19 openings.

Construction CompaniesOpenings
Lehigh Hanson Homepage5
Holder Construction Group4
Century 213
Mckinstry Homepage3
Keller Williams Homepage2
G4s (Technology)1
Service West Homepage1

#11 Media

is eleventh most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 5 openings.

Media CompaniesOpenings
Schawk Homepage2
Verizon Homepage2
Splunk Homepage1

#12 Agriculture

is twelfth most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 4 openings.

Agriculture CompaniesOpenings
Environmental Consultants2
Western Environmental Consultants, Inc.2

#13 Entertainment

is thirteenth most active hiring industry in Cupertino with 1 openings.

Entertainment CompaniesOpenings
Bowlmor Amf Homepage1